WEEKLY GROUP TRAINING Wednesdays 7-8:30 in Brampton


FOCUSED TRAINING in Thornhill, North Toronto, + Brampton, Click here for schedule

DROP IN TRAINING Mondays 8-9pm, Willowdale Christian School, North Toronto

SD TRAINING focuses on Success Driven Training.  Our training programs and workouts are designed to optimize your functionality and our focus is on delivering our clients results to perform at their maximum potential. We work with athletes and teams.




SD BASKETBALL transforms, refines + evolves each basketball player or team we work with. We have been training athletes for over 10 years. Working with players and teams from Professional, University/College, High School, Elementary, REP, OBA and Novice levels. No matter what level the player, we get them working outside of their comfort zone and show them what it takes to reach to the next level.

shane edited pic cirlceSHANE DENNIE

Shane Dennie is the owner and founder of SD TRAINING.
Shane has devoted the last 15 years to working with athletes and clients in Canada and Overseas in private training, clinics, camps and team environments. Shane is a former All-Canadian College Basketball Player and Professional Player who still approaches his own game + training with commitment and focus. Shane is committed to growing and learning as a trainer in order to best help his clients. He has trained with Ganon Baker, the basketball industry’s leading Skills Trainer and is continually seeking new knowledge and drills to apply to his training.


Shane’s dedication and belief in his athletes and clients stem from his own experiences. Faced with the setbacks of an ACL injury and reconstructive surgery in his collegiate and professional career, Shane dug deep and found resilience. To come back strong, Shane spent hours in the gym working on his game, and regaining his muscle strength. It was then that he discovered the core principles of SD TRAINING. To Shane, SD Training does not just stand for Shane Dennie, but also Success Driven Training. Shane teaches his athletes how to maximize their practice and workout time to gain the most results. He is passionate about building people up to work at their body’s potential and maximum functionality, whether you are an athlete or someone who wants to lose weight and tone up.


Shane and his team push players and clients to their limit and beyond because they believe in them and commit to strengthening them as individuals.


▪ Professional Player – Proliga, Portugal, 2006-2008
▪ Led Professional League in scoring, 2007
▪ Led League in 3pts made, 2007
▪ Tournament All-Star, Provincial Championships, ‘05, ‘06 – Humber College
▪ All-Canadian, 2004 – Humber College
▪ OCAA Player of The Year, 2004 – Humber College


SD TRAINING has worked with the soccer club for 2 seasons.  They demand the players to work hard and they give their 100 percent each time.  Shane’s drills are innovative and its amazing to see the team sweat and challenge themselves to get stronger.  Specifically his program has worked on their agility, footwork, speed, core strength and endurance.  We see major changes in the players’ stamina, kicking power and strength in games.


My two sons took part in the SD March Break Camp 2014.  The 5 days were run very well, with all training staff enthusiastic and energetic.  My boys learned more during this camp than any other development training they have taken part of. The drills were unique and challenging and kept the boys on their feet.  I was very impressed with the caliber of training and the training styles and techniques used.  I look forward to my boys taking part in the SD summer camps.  Great job Shane + staff!


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