March Break Shining Moments

Shout out to all the athletes who attended our March Break Camp! 

We had a crazy week filled with skill development combined with strength and conditioning.  

Each player was forced to dig deep within themselves as they spent the week outside of their comfort zone. We discussed goal setting, time management and sacrifice.

I’m proud of this group for grinding, digging and pushing the limits this week in order to get better!

IMG_4421 IMG_4317 IMG_3764 IMG_4128 IMG_4277

March Break Shining Moments

1. Parking lot sprinting in -5 degree weather
2. Athletes vs SD Trainers Full Court
3. BURPEES, BURPEES, BURPEES! We completed a minimum of 100 Burpees everyday.
4. Coach Shane vs Ellen in the 3 pt competition for Pizza
5. The TOGETHERNESS in the camp.  The older athletes led by example and the younger group were tremendous energy givers!
It was a qualitative week!

-Coach Shane

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