THE SD TRAINING Off Season Development Program quantifiabley improves the overall skill and Redstrength + conditioning levels of the players. Our program is proven to drive players’ competitive edge and improve their game through a heightened work ethic.

The Off Season Development Program also presents opportunities  for the coaching staff to learn and hone their skills, drills, and teaching methods.  This program is only offered to teams within a basketball  organization or League,  for age groups 8-18yrs.


The preparation for success is what determines a successful season.

The Off Season Development Program plays a role in the success of your team in the upcoming season. Our philosophy isn’t just to train, but to transform the players. We help your teams create momentum and be empowered at the start of the season. We instill a competitive edge through intense skill development.

Specifically, players get a unique training experience with us,  as we bring these 3 factors:

1. EXPERIENCE.  SD Training is led by owner and head trainer Shane Dennie who is a professional skill trainer and a former All Canadian College Player and professional player in Europe. Shane has developed an innovative and effective training program and continues to add to his basketball IQ by training with industry experts such as Ganon Baker, and John Lucas. He has trained the Canadian National team, Ontario Provincial team, Targeted Athlete Strategy, UofT Basketball and Humber Basketball Teams.

2. INNOVATIVE. We have a unique and unconventional method of skill development training. With high detail, we attack the inner nuances of each skill beginning with the athlete’s quality of movement. We focus on the athlete’s overall muscle functionality to ensure that is being used optimally. Our drills are unconventional and unique, which breaks the monotony of everyday training, and it forces the athlete to truly take a step outside of their comfort zone. Most importantly we get the players to apply what they have learned in a game through LUA:

LEARN – this initial phase is about teaching the players WHY the skill is crucial to their development. Drills are intense but not competitive. Skills will be executed with no defense.
UNDERSTAND – the second phase stresses awareness. For example, when to shoot or when to drive off of a closeout. Drills are more competitive, with direct in the moment feedback. We introduce game simulation.
APPLY – Its all about competing. We want the players to have a clear and first hand understanding of what the tempo, competitiveness, and physicality of the game is going to look like. The players are put in scenarios which forces them to apply the skills they have learned.

3. ENGAGING. Our trainers are HANDS ON not HANDS FREE: we physically demonstrate and execute the skills being taught. As trainers we are in the game with them and not on the sideline- this makes the player BUY IN to what we are teaching, our philosophies, and in getting outside of their comfort zone, pushing them to want to be the hardest worker!


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